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Dr. Joe Cohen and Amy Silverman, RN have been treating patients for over a decade, with remarkable results, using Cannabinoid and Functional Medicine.


The mission of their medical practice, Holos Health, and of this podcast is to make Cannabis + CBD Medicine accessible to everyone. The focus of this podcast is to promote strategies that can increase health-span, well-being, cognitive and physical performance, as well as address chronic conditions such as: autoimmune disease, chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, autism and seizures. 


In the Wild West that is Cannabis and CBD, we are here to provide clarity, and advance this amazing plant through a deep understanding of our own biology, the latest research, clinical studies, and delve into important subjects with other experts in this field. Thank you for listening!


After having practiced as an obstetrician/gynecologist with concomitant residency training at a Yale University hospital, Dr. Cohen subsequently developed an interest in Cannabis and Functional Medicine after working with indigenous tribes in New Zealand.


Now, having treated thousands of patients with cannabinoid medicine, Dr. Cohen is considered an expert in this new frontier. He believes that the most significant results from the use of cannabis occur when finding, and removing, triggers of disease along with good nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Dr. Cohen’s areas of interest include the prevention and treatment of auto-immune and age-related diseases. He is the Medical Director and founder of Journey 2 Life, Holos Health.

Amy earned her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University where she studied music, environmental science, and yoga.
After working as a music teacher she went back to medical school to become a Registered Nurse. Amy has worked in healthcare for over 7 years, primarily in cardiology and geriatrics. 
She was initially introduced to cannabis medicine in 2008, and has been an advocate and educator for medical cannabis community ever since. 
She is passionate about cannabis education and believes that the medicinal power of the cannabis plant helps us to integrate the different aspects of ourselves while promoting balance in our lives. 
She enjoys Latin dancing, skiing, cooking and writing.  
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